Junior Warden: Brother Paul Wurtz

Legends of Iowa Masonry 2018

* Officers not Pictured: Music Director, Brother David Bovis and Tyler: Brother Robert T. Utsler.  *Brother Kevin Nelson is also serving as Deputy Grand Master for the State of Iowa for 2017-1018.

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The honors keep piling up for Waterloo Masons! 

On February 12, 2018 at Waterloo Lodge #105's stated meeting, Brother Tim Swope Sr. was awarded the 2018 Legends of Iowa Masonry Award.

This award represents Masons who are "Pillars" of the lodge and their communities.  It reflects their commitment to the ideals of Masonry that all Masons hold dear. 

Brother Swope's relentless commitment to "Faith, Hope and Charity" has earned him this award. 

​Presenting the award was Brother Paul Wurtz with the assistance of Brother Harvey Johnson.  

​All of Brother Swope's fellow Master Masons at Waterloo Lodge #105 and Masons from across Iowa are very proud of Brother Swope!


Worshipful Master 2018: Brother Thomas Nulty

607 Bishop Avenue, Waterloo Iowa 50707

Honored Waterloo Mason!

Chaplain: Brother Tim Swope Sr.

Pillar Award

Senior Deacon: Brother Joel Tackett

No Practice March 19th due to commitments at other lodges.

Waterloo Lodge #105 is very proud of  Brother Kevin Nelson for being appointed Deputy Grand Master for the State of Iowa for the 2017-1018 term.  For Waterloo Mason's this is a source of great pride.  

Brother Nelson served as Senior Grand Steward for the 2011-2012 calender year and is Waterloo Lodge's current Treasurer.

All Waterloo Masons look up to brother Nelson for guidance and assistance with our many events, training and other lodge functions.  He is a true asset, not only our lodge, but for Master Masons everywhere.

Please send a note of congratulations to Brother Nelson using the contact links for Brother SE Andy Schaffer or S.D. Brother Paul Wurtz

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Junior Steward: Brother David Cummings

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​Treasurer: Brother *Kevin Nelson

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Junior Deacon: Brother Dan Tice

Waterloo Lodge #105 A.F. & A.M.

Senior Steward: Brother Harvey Johnson

Marshall: Brother Gene Walker

Senior Warden: Brother Charles Burrell 

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